Cushion Cut

The cushion cut may be perceived as new and modern; however, it dates back to the 19th century. This beautiful and brilliant diamond was then variously referred to as the ‘old mine cut’, the ‘pillow cut’ or the ‘candlelight diamond’.

As these names suggest, the diamond resembled the shape of a pillow and was originally faceted in a way to display best under candlelight. It is a square diamond with rounded edges. With changes in technology, the shape has undergone some modifications over time to enhance its brilliance and fire.

The cushion cut consists of 58 facets which are often larger and more open than other cuts, providing it with a unique, subdued sparkle. Cushion cuts are available in square and rectangular shapes. While it may not rival the intensity of the round brilliant cut, it provides an alternative that is unique and timeless. A modern version of the cushion cut has also been developed to enhance the brilliance, known as a cushion modified brilliant cut. This version produces greater scintillation with a ‘crushed ice’ effect.

Cushion cut diamonds have adorned antique and vintage jewellery for centuries and it has been the shape of choice for some of the world’s most famous diamonds. Its rise in popularity is not surprising given its improved symmetry and faceting. The cushion cut is widely used in vintage and contemporary engagement rings, especially for the diamond halo engagement ring.

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