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What is a round cut diamond?

The round diamond is also one of the most versatile cuts, partnering well with almost any size ring band and setting. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a setting or placed as smaller accent pieces, these stones are radiant however you want to wear them.

The intricate proportions of the round cut were first developed by diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, who established the perfect mathematical calculations needed in order to celebrate the stones natural fire and brilliance. Edged into a perfect circle and displaying 57 facets, the round cut delivers an arresting but understated symbol of everlasting love.

Due to this diamond’s intricate features, lovers of the round cut are said to be dependable and drawn to classic and timeless style, and it’s with this ethos that we’ve designed our collection of beautiful round cut engagement rings.

Allow one of our Kalfin Jewellery experts to provide you with the service and knowledge to select a ring made to be loved today and for generations to come.

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