At Kalfin Jewellery, our clients ask a lot of questions when seeking our expert advice. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that covers a variety of topics to assist you. You are welcome to contact us if you need to ask anything else.




Q: Do you have engagement rings we can try on?
A: Yes, we have a large selection of rings with different diamond shapes and settings available for you to try on. All of our engagement rings are custom-made so you can be inspired by what we have on display to create your own.

Q: How long does it take to make a ring?
A: Depending on our workload and the complexity of the ring, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Q: Can you make a specific design I like?
A: Yes, we welcome your ideas and requests. All our engagement rings are custom-made. We can, therefore, guide you through the design process to achieve what you want.

Q: How much is an engagement ring?
A: The cost of an engagement ring varies considerably for each person. Custom-made engagement rings can be tailored to your requirements and budget. We advise you to set a budget that you are comfortable with and then explore your options. The correlation between the 4Cs will impact both the cost of the diamond and your ring choices, such as solitaires and side-stone rings. Options can be manipulated (without compromising quality) to cater for any budget.

Q: Does it cost extra to have a ring custom-made?
A: No, there is no extra cost incurred to custom-design an engagement ring. At Kalfin Jewellery, all our engagement rings are custom-designed and custom-made to suit the loose diamond or coloured gemstone chosen. Since almost every loose gem is a different size, we accommodate this by starting a new ring every time.

Q: Which should I choose – platinum or white gold?
A: The answer to this question is mainly your personal preference, but certain technical jewellery applications, skin conditions, allergies and religious beliefs may also influence the best decision. Both metals have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend choosing the metal that best caters for your needs and application. We encourage you to read a detailed description of each precious metal in our Education section.

Q: Do people use coloured gemstones instead of diamonds for engagement rings?
A: Yes, absolutely. The choice is yours. We supply a wide selection of coloured gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater for all needs and budgets. Our consultation process involves a tutorial with real coloured gemstones, ensuring you make an informed decision. From emeralds to rubies to a variety of sapphires, we can design the engagement ring you want and deserve. We welcome you to read our Educational pages on coloured gemstones for an insight into their properties.

Q: What type of setting is better?
A: There is a wide selection of setting options available. Each option will influence the design. Some setting styles are more robust, while others are more delicate. We recommend an obligation-free consultation to explore your choice of settings and to discuss how they affect your design. Our expert jewellers will assist you to select the style that is best suited to your needs.

Q: Which ring should I choose if I want to surprise her?
A: We can assist you to choose and design the perfect engagement ring, from selecting the loose diamond right through to personalising the setting. We also have several options available to cater for a surprise. You will be relieved to know there are many risk-free procedures we have developed over the years to help men with their proposals. Arrange an obligation-free consultation to explore your options.

Q: Can I propose with the diamond and have her involved in designing the ring?
A: We often recommend this process if you are unsure of the style and design she would prefer. An engagement ring will be worn for a very long time, so it is important she loves the style. You can propose with the diamond and then come in together to participate in the design process.

Q: I am not sure of her finger size, what can I do?
A: There are several methods of obtaining a finger size – from measuring an existing ring to drawing the internal shape of one. Providing the ring we are making does not have diamonds, re-sizing it later will not be a major problem.

Q: Will my diamond have a certificate?
A: At Kalfin Jewellery, all our loose diamonds above 0.30ct are accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate, usually GIA. To learn more about certificates, please read our Educational pages.

Q: What other documentation do I get with my engagement ring?
A: At Kalfin Jewellery, we are committed to serving you better. Each engagement ring is accompanied by an independent laboratory report (if available) of the central stone, as well as an independent valuation for insurance purposes that has been prepared by a registered member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.

Q: Do I need to get my wedding ring at the same time as my engagement ring?
A: There is no technical requirement to purchase your wedding ring at the same time as your engagement ring. It is a matter of personal choice. We recommend ordering your wedding rings at a date closer to the wedding.




Q: What type of jewellery can you custom-design?
A: At Kalfin Jewellery, pretty much all the jewellery we make is custom-designed. Engagement rings, diamond studs, diamond pendants, and bangles all start with a sketch. Having this flexibility allows us to cater for individual requirements and budgets.

Q: How difficult is it to design a custom-made piece of jewellery?
A: With our expert guidance and a proven process developed over our decades of experience, custom-designing a piece of jewellery is a relatively straightforward and enjoyable process.

Q: How much does it cost to custom-design?
A: There is no extra charge to custom-design a piece of jewellery. The price will be directly related to the item requested and the budget allocated.

Q: I have an idea, can it be made?
A: We welcome you to bring your ideas, pictures and drawings with you to an obligation-free consultation. All beautiful designs are born from ideas. Our expert jewellers will evaluate your design and provide feedback if necessary for you to consider. Upon addressing all technical issues, a drawing and CAD version of the item will be prepared for your approval.

Q: How long does it take to custom-make a piece of jewellery?
A: It will take approximately 2-3 weeks from concept to completion, depending on our workload and the complexity of the design.

Q: Does it cost to make an appointment or to get a quote?
A: No, there are no costs for appointments and quotes. At Kalfin Jewellery, we are a service-oriented establishment and as such, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to quote and explain in detail the breakdown of our pricing and quality.

Q: Can we talk to an expert when we organise a consultation?
A: Yes, our team of diamond experts, jewellers and designers are always present to assist with any questions you may have.

Q: Do you custom-make your jewellery?
A: All our jewellery is designed and custom-made by us on location in our workshop. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality control.




Q: How do I choose a diamond?
A: When choosing a diamond, we always recommend you do some research and familiarise yourself with the terms used in diamond gradings, such as the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. We have also compiled some information on Loose Diamonds, How to Choose a Diamond and Coloured Gemstones on this website. We welcome you to follow the links for an in-depth explanation. One of our diamond experts will be pleased to assist with any additional questions you may have. We encourage you to arrange an obligation-free consultation and take our tutorial on diamonds and coloured gemstones, which uses real examples.

Q: Can I see the diamonds before I choose?
A: At Kalfin Jewellery, we have a wide choice of loose diamonds available. Our diamond experts can help you compare, identify, and select a diamond that meets your budget and needs. Our diamond consultation process will provide you with all the information you need to make an empowered selection.

Q: Which diamond is the best?
A: There is no ‘best’ diamond. For example, you can select a D colour FL (flawless) diamond and still be disappointed. Each diamond shape has its own beauty and its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor to consider is the quality of the cut. You need to select from a range of diamonds with good colour and clarity. Our diamond experts can show you the difference between diamonds, using real examples in a tutorial. Our obligation-free consultation will help you choose the best diamond for you.

Q: Which is the best diamond shape?
A: The outline or shape of the diamond has no bearing on its quality. The shape is purely cosmetic and a matter of personal taste and preference. Each shape comes with certain attributes that act as both advantages and disadvantages. For a detailed explanation, read our Shapes Guide or arrange an obligation-free consultation to talk to one of our diamond experts.

Q: Why do two diamonds with the same grading have a big price difference?
A: Two identical diamonds on paper (as stated on their laboratory certificates) can have a large price difference due to several factors. The most common reason is cut grading. Other factors include measurements, colour tinges, as well as the colour and position of inclusions and blemishes, just to name a few. We encourage you to read some of our Self-Help Guides provided on this website and to organise an obligation-free appointment to talk with one of our diamond experts for an in-depth tutorial.

Q: What is a diamond certificate?
A: Some diamonds have been independently analysed and certified by a laboratory. This information is documented in the form of a certificate covering size, colour and clarity, as well as detailed measurements and other attributes of the stone. Some laboratories are more reputable than others due to the strict grading parameters they utilise. Our certificates section on this website provides more detailed information.

Q: Are all diamonds certified by a laboratory?
A: Not all diamonds come with an independent laboratory certificate. These diamonds are referred to as loose diamonds and can be significantly cheaper than certified stones. At Kalfin Jewellery, we only use GIA certified stones over 0.30ct.

Q: What is a laser inscription?
A: Most diamonds that are accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate (such as those provided by GIA) may have the certificate number lasered on the girdle of the diamond. This is referred to as the laser inscription.

Q: Are Kalfin diamonds conflict-free?
A: Kalfin Jewellery prides itself in supporting the Kimberley Process and the use of ethically sourced and sustainable loose diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Q: What coloured gemstones do you have available?
A: We carry a wide selection of rubies, emeralds, sapphires in a multitude of colours, tanzanites, and many other precious and semi-precious stones. These coloured gemstones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.




Q: Do you have diamond jewellery to choose from?
A: We have a large selection of jewellery available to choose from in our Collins Street boutique in the Melbourne CBD. The choices include pearls, cocktail rings, pendants, stud earrings and much more. We welcome you to come in and view our extensive range.

Q: What types of jewellery can you make?
A: Kalfin Jewellery specialises in custom-made jewellery including High Jewellery. Our capabilities far exceed the custom-design of engagement rings, diamond pendants, earrings and coloured gemstone dress rings. From concept to creation, our expert jewellers can bring your dreams into reality.

Q: I need a present, can you help?
A: We have a huge range of gifts available to choose from in our showroom and can help you select or custom-design a special gift to capture your special moment.

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