Dress rings are synonymous with glamour and luxury. They represent the spirit and originality of the wearer. These rings are also referred to as cocktail rings, forming the ultimate fashion accessory that completes your outfit.

Dress rings are normally worn as rings in addition to wedding bands and engagement rings. They cater for everyday use or for special occasions. The use of diamonds or coloured gemstones representing birthstones is not unusual. They can include motifs, engraving filigree and limitless imagination.

At Kalfin Jewellery we believe that a dress or cocktail ring is as unique as the person wearing it; we therefore only custom-design exclusive pieces. All our custom-made dress rings are ‘one of a kind’ and will not be repeated or remade.

Our boutique on Collins Street in Melbourne showcases a vast selection of unique dress rings. We encourage you to view and try what we have on offer, or otherwise be inspired by what we have on display to custom-design your very own. Our bespoke design service is sure to create a glamorous piece that encapsulates the inner you.

We welcome you to arrange an obligation-free consultation to explore your choices. Along with our expertise and assistance, our tutorial with real loose diamonds and coloured gemstones will ensure you make an informed decision that is tailored to your specific needs. Dealing direct with the designer also ensures great value for money and guarantees your satisfaction.


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