Jewellery Aftercare

Jewellery is a valuable and delicate art form and needs to be treated as such. Daily use is encouraged, though certain precautions can extend the longevity and brilliance of your beloved items.

Exposure to harsh environments including physical activities, chemicals like chlorine, and certain sprays can leave your jewellery looking dull and deteriorated. We believe your jewellery should be the last item you wear and the first item you remove.

There are certain DIY techniques that can be easily adopted at home for the general upkeep of your jewellery.

Diamonds are easily cleaned by soaking in warm water with dishwashing detergent. The use of a soft bristle brush, like an old toothbrush, can assist in weakening the residue that builds up under the diamond over time. Finish by rinsing with warm water and drying with a soft cloth for easy and effective results.

Pearls are best maintained by wiping with a soft cloth, ideally after each wear. Avoid spraying them with perfumes and hairsprays, and excessive perspiration can also leave your pearls lacking lustre. Most pearl strands are threaded on silk, so be sure to regularly check the robustness of the thread.

Avoid using your jewellery when swimming, showering, participating in sports, gardening, or any activity that will expose it to abrasions from rough surfaces. This causes a build-up of grime and can result in premature deterioration. The best place to store your jewellery is in the packaging provided at its point of purchase.

Finally, we suggest our clients bring in their jewellery for appraisals at regular intervals. Apart from achieving a professional clean superior to what can be achieved at home, the general wear and tear of items such as settings, claws and overall deterioration will be inspected. This regular maintenance helps to ensure that nasty surprises are avoided.

At Kalfin Jewellery, all our work is done on site in our Collins Street boutique in the Melbourne CBD. We welcome you to visit or contact us with any jewellery questions or enquiries.


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