4 C’s: The Shape

The shape of a diamond is its outer contour. A diamond’s shape has no bearing on the quality of the stone. Each shape can be as beautiful as another, provided the stone is well-cut and proportioned.

Shape is a choice for the individual. It reflects a personal taste preference.

There is a large variety of shapes to choose from and each one has its attributes. Some diamonds are multifaceted cuts (i.e. they have many facets), such as the round brilliant, the princess and the oval cuts. Other diamonds are step-cuts (i.e. they have less facets) such as the emerald and asscher cuts.

Each shape presents a multitude of designs options, with varying complexities determining its quality.

Kalfin Jewellery has a large selection of engagement rings with a variety of diamond shapes on display. We encourage you to view and try the styles available to determine your favourite. Our diamond experts will provide advice and a detailed description of shapes and their attributes.

We welcome you to arrange an obligation-free consultation at our Collins Street boutique in Melbourne’s CBD to explore your choices. Our tutorial with real loose diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes will ensure you make an informed decision that is tailored to your specific needs. Dealing direct with the designer also ensures great value for money and guarantees your satisfaction.


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