Princess Cut

The princess cut is the most popular ‘fancy cut’ diamond shape. Its unique square shape and brilliance makes it a favourite decision for engagement rings, pendants and stud earrings. The princess cut is traditionally square (but can also be rectangular), with four pointed corners and a relatively large table.

The name ‘princess cut’ was originally used in connection with another diamond developed in the 1960s, called a ‘profile cut’. In the late 1970s, profile cut was the term used to describe the princess cut as we know it today. Due to its similarity in facet arrangement with the round brilliant cut, the princess cut is often referred to as the square modified brilliant cut.

The princess cut consists of 76 facets, which creates more light dispersion than any other square- shaped diamond. Its inverted pyramid profile makes it popular with gem cutters as it produces a very high yield. Two princess cut diamonds can be obtained from a single octahedron crystal with minimal wastage.

Its clean lines and sharp angles create a flattering shape with a contemporary feel. This provides the brilliance and fire of a round brilliant cut, with a modern twist. The square shape makes the princess cut ideal for channel-set wedding bands, solitaire engagement rings, and other forms of jewellery.

At Kalfin Jewellery, we only use princess cut diamonds which adhere to our strict selection criteria. This ensures the full potential of their magnificence. For expert advice and guidance in exploring your choices, we welcome you to arrange an obligation-free consultation at our Collins Street boutique in the Melbourne CBD.


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