Asscher Cut

The asscher cut diamond was named after its creator, Joseph Asscher, in 1902 and is often referred to as the square emerald cut. Like the emerald cut, it is a step cut and also became popular in the art deco period.

Asscher cut diamonds feature straight edges and cut corners in an octagonal shape, with internal steps that balance light and dark to give a unique and elegant flash of light. Due to the shape of the stone and the way the facets are cut, the asscher cut has a better balance of scintillation than the emerald cut.

The original asscher cut boasts 58 facets and was redesigned in 2001 by Joseph’s grandson to include an additional 16 facets to catch much more light. The introduction of this ‘royal’ asscher cut has been welcomed due to its more dynamic appearance. The angles and proportions used are critical to the beauty and brilliance of both asscher cut styles.

Both cuts are very popular in the contemporary design of jewellery. The asscher cut’s versatility allows it to be used in vintage and estate jewellery along with more contemporary engagement rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewellery.

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