Morganite received its name in 1911 and was previously referred to as pink beryl. The colour of morganite always emanates charm, liveliness and a touch of tenderness. Similar to the emerald and aquamarine, morganite is a variety of the beryl mineral. Morganite is a well-loved stone for its radiant, fine pink tones.

Morganite comes in many fine pink hues, some decidedly pink, whilst others tend to be orangey-pink, or purplish-pink. The quality of a morganite is predominantly determined by its colour. It is usually a transparent gem with not many inclusions. The most sought after colour is a strong pink.

Reduced deposits of quality coloured gemstones and the demand for specific quality grades has led to the introduction of treatments. It has become common for coloured gemstones to be treated, although some processes are more acceptable than others. Morganites are usually treated with heat to enhance their colour.

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