The Emerald is famous all over the world with its verdant beauty and incomparable colour often being referred to as “emerald green”. It has been cherished by people like Cleopatra and used as jewellery by the Incas and Aztecs in ancient times. The vivid lush green of an emerald and its velvety appearance are unique and matchless among green stones.

The name Emerald comes from the ancient Greek word ‘smaragdus’ meaning green. The emerald was believed to provide the bearer with the ability to foresee the future as well as protect and bring good fortune. Emeralds exhibit no fire and are comparatively less brilliant to other gemstones. Beauty of colour and evenness of the colour distribution becomes the principal criteria for evaluating the stone’s quality. This lush green crystal belongs to the beryl family of minerals.

The colour of emeralds is divided into four tones: emerald green, light green, dark green and yellow green. The most desirable colour is the emerald green.

Emeralds are the birthstone for May since their colour reflects the green of new spring growth in the northern hemisphere. They also represent the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Commercially, the emerald competes with a variety of other stones of similar colour like green tourmaline, sapphires, amethyst, peridot and some synthetics, to name just a few. However, nothing compares with the lush green of a beautiful emerald.

Reduced deposits of quality coloured gemstones and the demand for specific quality grades has led to the introduction of treatments. It has become common for coloured gemstones to be treated, although some processes are more acceptable than others. Emeralds are usually treated with oils to enhance their colour.

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