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The Symbolic Meaning Behind Diamond Shapes: What Does Your Favourite Say About You?

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but did you know they can also reveal her personality? 

According to Diamond Cutters International, some of the most popular diamond cuts have symbolic meanings. Even if they aren’t aware of these meanings, most women are still subconsciously attracted to the diamond shape that resonates with them the most. 

For instance, flirty cuts attract sociable women, and tasteful cuts attract women with subtle tastes and classical tendencies.

We’re not saying these traits apply to everyone. But seeing how the symbols match up to (or completely contradict) a girl’s personality can be pretty interesting. And who knows? Knowing what the shapes mean may even help you pick out the right cut! 

Here are what the nine most popular diamond cuts mean:

I. Round Diamond

Round diamonds are cut in a perfect circle, and they usually have 57 facets for maximum shine. This shape is one of the most popular styles among women due to its classic, timeless appeal.

The Meaning

Just as a wedding band represents constant, everlasting love so too does a round diamond. By far one of the most sought-after styles, a round diamond cut suits a lovely, sincere woman drawn to traditional, novel-like romance. They are enamoured by the concept of a love that never ends and are perfectly content with what people would consider “conventional” means of expressing affection and adoration. 

Women who prefer round diamonds are thought to be honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. They can also be set in their ways and may, therefore, find it difficult to accept change. 

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Round Diamond Cut

II. Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds are, as the name suggests, cut into elongated circles. They can have just as many facets as a round diamond and are often set vertically onto the ring band.

The Meaning

Much like the round cut, oval-shaped diamonds can be taken as a symbol of love everlasting. 

The preference for tradition is there as well, but it’s mixed with a tinge of creativity and individuality. Oval shapes may not be as conventional as round diamonds, but they’re still a fairly safe choice.

The similarity of the cut to an egg shape may also represent a wish for fertility and/or a desire for children. Women who prefer this cut are capable of tempering romance with practicality. In fact, they may often be too practical. They want what comes after the storybook wedding more than the wedding itself. But this doesn’t negate the fact that they are polished, poised, and brimming with brilliance. 

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Oval Shape Diamond

III. Pear Diamond

Pear diamonds are a combination of round cuts and marquise cuts (which we’ll cover later on). They’re unique and distinctly tear-shaped, with one end of the diamond rounded and the other tapering off into a sharp point.

The Meaning

Pear-shaped diamonds are also referred to as ‘teardrop’ diamonds. This may or may not be coincidental, as women who are drawn to this shape tend to be quite emotional. Whether they’re the type to loudly express their feelings or the type to suppress them (’til they’re fit to burst), these women are ruled by their hearts, not their heads. 

The teardrop shape can also represent tears of sorrow and tears of joy. It can be taken as a non-verbal symbol of knowing, accepting, and celebrating the highs and lows of a relationship. 

Women who choose pear diamonds love setting—and meeting—high expectations. They find satisfaction in succeeding on their own terms. Unfortunately, this can lead to them holding other people to ridiculously high standards and ultimately becoming upset when these standards are not met.

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Pear Shape

IV. Emerald Diamond

The emerald cut is probably one of the most unique diamond shapes available. It is also one of the most difficult to cut, requiring considerable expertise and master precision. The general shape resembles that of a rectangle with rounded corners, while the cut itself has an open table and visible step-like facets. These facets make it possible to reveal inclusions in the stone. 

The Meaning

Women who love emerald-cut diamonds have a keen eye for design and a taste for individuality. They’re unashamed of their style, comfortable in their own skin, and don’t look for approval from others. 

Emerald diamonds exude an aura of quiet elegance and coolness. The same can be said for women who wear them; regal, cool, and composed—to the point that they can sometimes come off as harsh or blunt. 

The open style of the emerald cut – and the full visibility of the stone’s insides – aligns with the woman’s heart and personality. She has an open mind and an accepting heart, and a clear grasp of her feelings and self-worth. 

She’s open to taking risks and is quite comfortable dealing with unexpected scenarios when they arise.

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Emerald Cut

V. Princess Diamond 

The princess cut is the most sought-after, following the round diamond. The general shape is that of a simple, multi-faceted square. Clean edges and sharp corners add to the brilliance of the stone.

The Meaning 

This may seem a bit cheesy, but it’s undeniably true; a princess cut suits a princess. Brides who fall in love with square-shaped diamonds are considered clever, fun-loving, and free-spirited. They are incredibly affectionate and adoring of their significant other, and they expect the same treatment in return. 

The extra glitz of this cut also speaks of how the woman holds herself in public. She’s a natural leader and risk-taker. She doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. In fact, she thrives in it. 

Her love for attention – regardless of whether it’s positive or negative – may be a little overwhelming. In some cases, it may even come off as obsessive. But so long as she keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground, this girl can be a radiant source of spontaneous, exciting energy.

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Princess Cut Diamond

VI. Radiant

The radiant cut is the cut with the most sparkle. It’s a modest square shape with rounded cut-off corners and more facets than the emerald cut. The number and arrangement of the facets make for quite the insistent sparkle under the light. 

The Meaning

Just like the princess cut, women who gravitate towards a radiant cut live for the spotlight. They’re fun and flirty when they’re in the mood to be, and their general way of life is modern and contemporary. 

However, don’t confuse their light-hearted attitude for general flightiness. Women who love radiant diamonds are known to be stubborn and headstrong, unwavering in all their decisions and not very fond of giving up or giving ground during confrontations. 

This can make disagreements with them difficult and fairly unpleasant to draw out. But like the diamond shape she wears, her flaws do not dim her natural radiance.

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Radiant Cut Diamond

VII. Marquise

A marquise diamond is quite an unusual cut. The stone is shaped to have an elongated body, tapering off to sharp points on both ends. This design maximises the weight of the carats and optimises the diamond’s size, making it appear larger-than-life.

The Meaning

This shape is for women who find tradition boring and subtlety overrated. They are capable of carrying the styles they want with dignity and class, and it shows. Their fondness for bling and their flair for the dramatic never comes off as gaudy or tacky. If anything, opulence and glitter suits their sunny disposition. Their humour, social skills, and charisma are all top-notch!

True, these women can be a touch too dramatic at times. And they’re quite obsessed with appearances. But, at the end of the day, there’s no denying that their personality is attractive and their laughter infectious.

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Marquise Cut Diamond

VIII. Asscher

Created by Joseph Asscher for King Edward VII, the Asscher diamond is also referred to as a square emerald cut. The general shape is that of a square, but the step-like facets mirror the arrangement of an emerald cut. A modern Asscher diamond has about 74 facets and can be quite clear regarding inclusions.

The Meaning

Although it’s been around for a while, the Asscher only recently shot up in popularity thanks to Carrie Bradshaw (a character from the popular film Sex and the City) debuting it in her movie. It’s seen as a vintage style that’s classy, unique, and fairly eye-catching. 

A woman who falls in love with an Asscher diamond is seen as having expensive tastes and impeccable style. She has a desire for drama, but she doesn’t actively seek it. She has a fondness for vintage, but she still prefers contemporary styles. She’s poised, confident, and – like the diamond cut – very clear about what she wants.

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Asscher Cut Diamond

IX. Heart

A heart-shaped diamond is, indeed, shaped like a heart. The youthful air of this cut is balanced out by the natural elegance and class of the diamond stone itself. Many brides who choose this design often opt for a small diamond, as the minute size lends more elegance to the cut.

The Meaning

The heart shape has long been used to symbolise love in its purest, most basic form. Ergo, it makes sense that women who pick this cut are utterly pure romantics at heart. They’re fanciful, sweet, and tend to look at the world through rose-coloured lenses. Their strong belief in love coupled with their naturally nurturing nature can make them loyal, loving, and steadfast partners. They’re also not afraid to declare their love, as a heart-shaped diamond can be quite the statement piece. 

However, it’s worth noting that the simple, straightforward meaning of the shape may be a reflection of how the bride views love, a one-dimensional concept based more on fantasy and sentiment than actual real-life experience. 

This can increase the risk of them feeling disappointment or dissatisfaction once the wedding and honeymoon phase comes to an end. 

Heart Shape Diamond

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