4 C's: The Colour

The colour evaluation of a diamond is based on its absence of colour. Similar to water, a perfect diamond has no hue and appears colourless.

The most widely accepted colour-grading system was introduced by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). This scale grades diamonds from D to Z – D being colourless and Z having the most colour, usually in the form of a yellow or brown hue. This scaling system measures the presence or absence of colour in a diamond under controlled lighting against the colour values of master stones.

Many of these colour distinctions are so subtle that they are very difficult to identify, particularly in a piece of jewellery. Although the distinctions are subtle, the impact on price and quality are significant.

Naturally coloured diamonds outside the D-Z range are referred to as “fancy colour” diamonds. Pink, black, cognac or champagne diamonds are all classified as fancy colours. These fancy colour diamonds have their own individual colour-grading scale.

At Kalfin Jewellery, we believe the colour of a diamond is a significant factor that follows its cut. Colour hues become slightly evident beyond the G grading in our professional opinion. Therefore, we only use diamonds with a G colour-grading or higher.

We welcome you to arrange an obligation-free consultation at our Collins Street boutique in the Melbourne CBD to explore your choices. Our tutorial with real loose diamonds will ensure you make an informed decision on the colour of the diamond that is right for you.



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