A 9,380 Carat Blue Topaz to be Displayed in UK Museum

British entrepreneur and philanthropist Maurice Ostro has loaned a gigantic 2 kilogram, 9,380 carat blue topaz to be permanently displayed at the National History Museum in the UK.

Originally, the stone was discovered in Brazil by Ostro’s father Max in the mid-1980s. It has been held in safekeeping by the family until now.

This rare find was Max Ostro’s most prized coloured gemstone discovery. He spent decades travelling around the world searching for such gems after he had built up a coloured gemstone business in South America.

He moved his family to the UK and kept on travelling in search for more gems. His passion for coloured stones and his drive for adventure saw him travelling until he was into his eighties.

After his death, his son Maurice decided to honour his father’s achievements by having the gem put on display at the Museum for all to see.

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