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What are the most popular engagement ring cuts in 2020?

Choosing an engagement ring will always bring options and variety. Across the range, there are so many different ring styles to choose from when it comes to purchasing the perfect engagement ring for you or your loved one. So, what is the most popular engagement ring cut?

What diamond style does everyone love? We can assure you, there is an abundance of ring styles and cuts to choose from, and many of them are extremely popular. At Kalfin Jewellery, we are a custom jewellery company, which means we have seen a lot of beautiful and unique pieces in our time in the industry. But of course, that also means we know what is the most popular too!

So, we are taking you through the most popular engagement ring cuts but will also show you the most popular on the market.

What are the most popular engagement ring cuts?

Before we let you in on the most popular engagement ring cut, we want to show you some of the very popular ring styles on the market.

  1. Round
    Fun fact, did you know ¾ of the diamonds sold around the world are round cut diamonds? The round cut is popular because of its equal shape. The light shines in each facet of the diamond in such a beautiful way, making it very eye-catching and extremely breathtaking. We also find those who tend to stay consistent with their fashion and live very busy lifestyles go for the round cut diamond as an engagement ring choice!Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
  2. Pear
    The pear cut diamond, of course, is very similar to the oval cut, except it has a point at the end to symbolise a pear or teardrop. The pear cut is also born from the marquise cut diamond and is a beautiful classic shape. Those who often choose the pear shape, love it because it draws
    attention! So, if you are a woman (or your partner is) who loves to stand out, this is the cut to choose!Pear shape cut diamond
  3. Cushion
    The cushion cut diamond is a traditional diamond cut, which is still a popular choice. As the name suggests, its beautiful rounded edges and softer style makes this ring cut look similar to a seat cushion. A cushion cut diamond is usually bigger in size and represents elegance!
    This is a great style for a vintage designed engagement ring.cushion cut diamond shape
  4. Emerald
    The emerald cut engagement ring gives off a beautiful reflection, almost like a mirror. Although the sparkle might be less prominent, it does represent a classic and delicate style. Like the cushion cut, it is a larger size stone and is suited for the confident and bold type woman who
    also likes a vintage flare!emerald cut diamond shape
  5. Marquise
    The marquise style ring is set to look like a slim and delicate design. It is a very unique look, and of course, gives off a beautiful touch of elegance. When purchasing a marquise style engagement ring, the bigger, the better!marquise cut diamond shape
  6. Oval
    The beautiful style of the oval cut ring is another popular option. Like the round cut, it, of course, gives more with its larger surface size. An oval cut engagement ring can give off the illusion of length, so it can make fingers look longer and thinner. The oval cut is perfect for the woman looking to be unique, but also wants a touch of delicacy in a ring!Oval cut diamond shape
  7. Radiant
    A beautiful mixture of a cushion cut and princess cut, the radiant is a classic cut perfect for those who like a mixture of the two styles. The best thing about the radiant cut is it pairs well with stones and other diamond cuts; it also looks beautiful on its own! The radiant cut is perfect for those who like a mixture of classic and traditional!radiant cut diamond shape

The most popular engagement ring cut

But surely there is one missing! Yes, there is, the most popular engagement ring cut in the engagement ring industry is the princess cut! The princess cut is a stunning style that sees four equal sides and four corners with a pyramid shape. It is often referred to as a fancy design and is one of the most fashionable styles when it comes to engagement rings. As it is very versatile, it is also less expensive, which is an added bonus for beauty! The princess style is the perfect balance of traditional and modern, which means it is great for any woman looking to have the perfect life balance, especially with their marriage!

How to decide what ring to choose?

Now you know the popular styles, how do you choose? Of course, if it is for yourself, you might have a fair idea of what you like! If it is for your partner, here are some great tips:

  1. Look at the descriptions we gave for each ring and see what style represents your partner.
  2. Look at her other jewellery and see what sort of style she likes, take pictures and bring these into Kalfin, we can help.
  3. Have a general conversation with your partner or her friends and loved ones to see what type of style and cut she might like.

It really comes down to doing your research, understanding your partner and picking up on things she talks about! Chances are, she has already mentioned a particular ring she likes, so just make sure you pay more attention!

Final thoughts
How are you feeling now? Do you think you have a better understanding of what style and cut you would like to choose for your engagement ring purchase? Of course, there are many options, but the process doesn’t have to seem hard or daunting. Kalfin Jewellery specialises in high-quality custom-made diamond engagement rings. We understand that choosing an engagement ring is a big decision. There are countless options to explore and plenty of questions you’ll need to be answered by an expert before you make that decision. So, chat with us today!


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