How to choose an engagement ring

How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

The most common questions we are faced with on a daily basis are “How do we buy an engagement ring?“, “What do other people do?” and “Where do we start?”

With this in mind, we have put together a checklist for your convenience and consideration.

In the beginning, the process of choosing an engagement ring may be a little overwhelming. However, once you start breaking it up into smaller organised components, it becomes an easy and enjoyable journey. So let’s begin. We hope you find our guide helpful.

The Centre:

Your quest begins with the selection of the centre stone. This is the focal point of the ring and usually the most important and valuable. This step of the journey involves deciding between a diamond engagement ring and a coloured gemstone engagement ring. Both styles have their attributes. The choice should be based totally on your personal taste and preference.

The Shape:

Having decided on a diamond or coloured gemstone centre stone, the next phase involves the shape. Each gem is available in a variety of shapes, like round brilliant cut, oval, cushion cut etc. Each shape has its own attributes and beauty. The shape of the gem will impact the style of the ring, so please consider the overall look you wish to achieve. This choice is very personal and once again is totally reliant on your taste and requirements. There is no right or wrong. For more information on diamond shapes and coloured gemstones, follow the links to our guides.

The Ring:

With the first two decisions out of the way, you can start thinking about the type of ring you want. The type of ring refers to the 5 categories of rings to choose from. These categories are:

  1. Solitaire – rings with a single stone in the centre and a plain band.
  2. Side stone – rings with a single stone in the centre and side diamond accents.
  3. Halo —a single stone ring with diamond accents around the centre stone and shoulders.
  4. Three stone (trilogy) – a ring with three stones in a combination of shapes or colours.
  5. Antique/vintage– rings that are inspired from yesteryear.

Individual setting details such as 4 claw or 6 claw are not important at this stage. Intricate details will be addressed at the design process.
Identifying the type of ring will determine how your budget is allocated between the stones and the ring. This brings you to the final stage.

The Budget:

There are no rules on how much must be spent on an engagement ring. Each person’s means and circumstances vary along with their requirements and expectations. Set yourself a budget you are comfortable with. A beautiful engagement ring can be created on any budget.
Now that you have clarity on the main components of selecting your engagement ring it is important to also get a basic understanding of both diamonds and coloured gemstones. We encourage you to read our ‘4C’s’ guide as well as our ‘Coloured Gemstone’ guide to grasp the fundamentals of your gem.
You are now ready to begin the actual process…

Kalfin Jewellery has a large selection of engagement rings on display and a vast portfolio of previously commissioned works. With your ideas and pictures, this huge range can become the basis of your decision or simply an inspiration to custom-make a unique ring of your choice.

Expert advice and guidance from our designers will help you choose or create a design that suits your style and budget.

We welcome you to arrange an obligation-free consultation at our Collins Street boutique in the Melbourne CBD to explore your choices. Our tutorial with real loose diamonds and coloured gemstones will ensure you make an informed decision that is tailored to your specific needs. Dealing direct with the designer also ensures great value for money and guarantees your satisfaction.

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