Vintage, engagement ring – the design that screams elegance and class. Who is a fan of this engagement ring style? Of course, vintage isn’t a style for everyone, but those who are a lover of all things vintage will love the five vintage engagement ring designs we have to inspire you!!

Whether you are dreaming of your perfect ring OR are shopping around for your future bride, we have some information on all things vintage rings to help educate, motivate and inspire you! BUT before we go into that, let’s explore the vintage engagement ring and what it takes to be classed as vintage!

What makes an engagement ring vintage?

Of course, vintage means something made or design in a different period of time. The word vintage has a meaning of “made with quality” and has a style of its own. It speaks of older times or something from the past.

So, if a ring is a custom made now by Kalfin, how is it vintage? Well, of course with any vintage ring, it is the design of the ring that makes it have the vintage style, not the period of time it was made.

Let’s make this a little clearer:

  • Antique engagement ring: is a ring that is over 50 years old (so already made and generally already owned)
  • Vintage engagement ring: generally used to mean the style of the ring, and as we said rather than the year it was made

The term is used very loosely, but we will always refer to the vintage style!

What makes a vintage engagement ring special?

The design of a vintage ring is usually special because of its unique style. The different types of vintage rings are a lot different in shape and colour than the modern-day ring. Some types even stand out as bold and unique in this era of diamonds and simple designs.

A vintage ring can be special in many ways! It can be unique because they are generally custom made and no ring is the same in design or style. It can also be special because often ring owners use old antique rings to make their own vintage style while incorporating the piece of history they have (whether it is a family heirloom or a sentimental piece).

At Kalfin we believe any piece of custom jewellery is special, so we treat all of our pieces with the love and respect it deserves.

What is the vintage ring style?

What determines a vintage ring style? What sort of design will you need to go for to really harness the vintage look?

Some of these designs include:

  • Halo style rings: dominant in the Art Deco Era (the 1920s to 1940s) and usually consist of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and onyx halo style
  • Scroll Motif rings: Again, another Art Deco Era but also popular in the Edwardian times (the early 1900s)
  • Bow Motif rings: Another Edwardian style ring and was also popular during the Victorian Era (1835-1901)

These are just a small sample size of what the vintage ring style is like even for a ring made now! Of course, we have an inspiring range below!

Vintage rings go in three different eras (mentioned above), which include:

  • Victorian engagement rings (1835-1901)
  • Edwardian engagement rings (the early 1900s)
  • Art Deco engagement rings (the 1920s-1940s)

This is where the inspiration for vintage designed engagement rings and jewellery come from!

Designs you might like if you decide to choose a vintage engagement ring?

If you aren’t sure if you would like a vintage ring or want to know if your partner would love the vintage style, here are some things they may like:

  • Coloured stones: most vintage rings include emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc.
  • Bigger rings: vintage rings are usually a little bigger in size
  • Bold rings: again, they have a level of boldness to them, they aren’t what you would think of as simple
  • Vintage styling: of course, your personality should also like other forms of vintage styles

At the end of the day, an engagement ring will be worn for life, so you want something that speaks to your personality and style!

At Kalfin, we love vintage style, especially when they are custom designs! So, we have 5 beautiful vintage styles to help inspire you and your engagement ring design.

We would love to hear your thoughts, drop a comment below!

Below are five amazing vintage engagement rings to inspire your decision moving forward.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Custom designed vintage ruby engagement rings
      We love ruby rings, and they are the perfect complement to any vintage style engagement ring! Whether you go subtle colouring or not, this ring is bold regardless!
      Custom made ruby rings by kalfin jewellery
    2. Black Onyx with diamonds Art Deco Rings
      Dare to be different? This black onyx is an Art Deco style from the 1920s-1940s with that deep black onyx, this is the perfect ring choice for someone who has their own unique style!
      Art Deco & Black Onyx Vintage Engagement Rings
    3. Vintage diamond engagement ring with Citrine Gemstone
      This design has beautiful design work around the outside! Vintage is all about unique pieces! Of course, the Citrine is a popular choice for the vintage look!
      Custom design vintage diamond engagement rings
    4. Custom designed Art Deco Emerald Dress Ring
      Vintage styles also mean big rings! Loads of colour and that touch of elegance and class. Emeralds are also a popular stone choice to complement the diamonds in an engagement ring.
      Custom design emerald dress ring by Kalfin Jewellery
    5. Art Deco ring, round diamond centre surrounded by black spinel
      Another Art Deco design with a beautiful shape and a little black feature around the edge! Vintage is all about bold, big rings with loads of style and special touches!
      custom design round diamond centre black spinel halo ring by kalfin Jewellery

Final thoughts

When designing or buying a vintage ring, it is important to know the style of ring you like along with the era you are looking to go for with your design. Vintage rings are always more special when they are custom designed as they have that unique, one-of-a-kind flare.

But of course, the best thing about vintage rings is, most of them are unique and one-off pieces. Kalfin Jewellery has a large selection of vintage and antique engagement rings on display and a vast portfolio of previously commissioned works. With your ideas and pictures, Kalfin will be able to assemble a unique and perfect vintage piece for your individual requirements.